Bullying Prevention

Year-Round Bullying Prevention & Awareness Coach for Children

Stand Up! (to bullying)
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Enough of Frankie Already! empowers children to work together toward a solution for a common problem. Felicia Capers, children's author,  brings colorful and lively presentations to elementary school students on topics of anti-bullying, #literacy, and creative writing. Her most recent presentation for young children, WORDS HURT, has resonated with youngsters and adults alike. Additionally, Felicia conducts professional development workshops for educators entitled, PEER AGGRESSION VS. BULLYING: WHY EVERYTHING IS NOT #BULLYING.

School Visit: Ratoncito Pérez
Grades: PK-1 

Great School Speakers Bureau

& National Children's Oral Health Foundation outreach efforts focus on educating families, particularly children, in under-served areas about the importance of dental health and how to prevent tooth decay and disease.

Great School Speakers Bureau & National Children’s Oral Health Foundation mission is to advance dental health and access. Statistics show that children in the U.S. lose nearly 750,000 school hours each year due to dental problems. In addition, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, untreated tooth decay is nearly twice as common among Hispanic primary school children as non-Hispanic whites despite being largely preventable.

Ratoncito Pérez, the Hispanic culture’s tooth fairy equivalent, visits schools and attends oral health related community events to discuss with children the importance of good dental health. He also hands out copies of the educational story of “Las Aventuras del Ratoncito Pérez” (“The Adventures of Ratoncito Pérez”) and toothbrushes. Sponsored by: Delta Dental Insurance

If you know of an elementary school in Houston Independent School District and would like Ratoncito Pérez to go to that school to do a free presentation, please contact SaRita Dean.

Author Study | Author Visit

  1. Help students develop their reading skills 
  2. Build critical thinking skills
  3. Improve writing skills
  4. Forge a deepen attachment to books
  5. Establish a community of readers
  6. Expose students to different types of literary voices and styles 
  7. Boost Information literary skills
  8. Plug in easily with curriculum
  9. Make connections across curriculum
  10. Add fun to the school day!

Gabrielle Simone

Gabrielle Simone has stories in two books: 2014’s The Perfect Present and 2015’s #ThePerfectSummer. Both books are published by Brown Girls Books, a boutique publishing company based in Houston and Washington. Plus, she has a new book, titled The Perfect Teacher, coming out soon, and she has written comics, poems and other stories.

Author Study: Students research about Gabrielle’s burgeoning writing career. Grades 4-6 Subjects: Reading |Writing |Thinking |Sharing