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If you want to get paid speaking gigs then all of your marketing has to talk to one person…the person who’s job it is to plan the company event. They work for the company and they’re just looking for a really engaging speaker.

If you want to use speaking as a tool for getting more clients for maybe coaching, or whatever you’re doing, then you have to build your marketing materials differently. 

The bigger your image, the easier it is to get hired.

So if your image is great, instead of you having to contact 1,000 people to get one gig, you just have to contact 100 people.

Build your image and you’ll build your business.

The next step to building your speaking business is Visibility.

You have to be seen by the right people.

Great School Speakers Bureau is committed to ensuring that you become a powerful Influencer and Relationship Marketer in a cluttered social media landscape.