The CrossRhodes

The CrossRhodes inspire us to stay woke with their song "America." The DMV duo, comprised of Raheem DeVaughn and Wes Felton, released the track back in November, inspired by the death of #FreddieGray as part of their mixtape The Great Debate: A Country Divided. They skillfully take "America The Beautiful" and flip it upside down to create a thought-provoking single you won't forget.
Wes Felton (L), the son of a jazz pianist deftly reveals The CrossRhodes origins in a typically lyrical fashion while explaining in a recent interview “This collaboration started in 1999. Raheem (R) and I were artists part of the U-street renaissance era. We crossed paths and connected and I drew him into the soul and poetry world where people create art based on their feelings. Rather than us being competitors, we learned we had the ability to incorporate from one another. That’s what The CrossRhodes is…instead of coming to the crossroads and choose between good and bad – it’s coming to the crossroads and choosing the same route.”

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Gabrielle Simone

Gabrielle Simone has stories in two books: 2014’s The Perfect Present and 2015’s #ThePerfectSummer. Both books are published by Brown Girls Books, a boutique publishing company based in Houston and Washington. Plus, she has a new book, titled The Perfect Teacher, coming out soon, and she has written comics, poems and other stories.

Author Study: Students research about Gabrielle’s burgeoning writing career.

Grades 4-6 Subjects: Reading |Writing |Thinking |Sharing

Felicia Capers

Enough of Frankie Already! empowers children to work together toward a solution for a common problem. Felicia Capers, children's author,  brings colorful and lively presentations to elementary school students on topics of anti-bullying, #literacy, and creative writing. Her most recent presentation for young children, WORDS HURT, has resonated with youngsters and adults alike.

Additionally,Felicia conducts professional development workshops for educators entitled, PEER AGGRESSION VS. BULLYING: WHY EVERYTHING IS NOT #BULLYING.