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Charles "Chazz" Smith Speaks Before The Rain  

Artist Study| Engage Your Students to Write and Talk about Art & Artists

My name is Charles “Chazz” Smith and I live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with my wife of almost 30 years, along with 2 of our 4 children. I am the only male first-cousin of Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince and I were raised-up together in our grandma's house way before the rain.

The Cousin Connection: Charles "Chazz" Smith

More relentless than Columbo on a rainy day, Charles "Chazz" Smith is the cousin people who love Prince Rogers Nelson turn to when they’re seeking the truth or requesting evergreen stories.  You can find him in many places online –he's probably doing some stuff here: www.Justice4Cuz.

Three Special Facts About Prince Rogers Nelson


    In addition to penning several hundred songs for himself, Prince also composed music for other artists, including "Manic Monday" for the Bangles, "I Feel For You" for #ChakaKhan, and "Nothing Compares 2 U" for Sinéad O'Connor

  2. Prince was nicknamed “Skipper” as a kid.
  3. #Prince Kicking #KimKardashian Off the Stage and 6 Other Times He Had the Best Reactions

Purpose & Scope of the Study is to know about Prince Rogers Nelson as an individual person.

Benefits audience can expect to receive from cousin Chazz's Storytelling:

  • Healing
  • Education
  • Empowerment

Celia Anderson 

Young Author, Celia Anderson, gives a new face to literature that resonates with this generation. She wowed readers in 2009 with her debut novel, Love, Ocean and again with the sequel Daddy's Home in 2010. In 2011 she was published in Remembrances in Black: Personal Perspectives of the African American Experience at the University of Arkansas, by Dr. Charles F. Robinson and Dr. Lonnie Williams. In this novel, she writes about her personal experience at the University of Arkansas.

Coupling her love for basketball and education, Celia has traveled to over thirty schools throughout the United States to deliver her original school wide presentation G.A.M.E.T.I.M.E (Gaining A Meaningful Education To Insure Maximum Elevation), which motivates students to “get in the game of life”

Marie Elena Cortes

Summer of 2005, Marie Elena Cortés created Kids Write to Know -the power of thinking, a writing club that helps students improve their communication skills by learning about a variety of topics and professions. She incorporates environmental awareness, financial literacy, health, nutrition, culture, history, art, math and music into her lessons. Her special guests make each workshop unforgettable! Her mission is to inspire students to be responsible, knowledgeable and productive citizens.

Marie Elena is a published author of three books: "My Annoying Little Brother", "My First Classroom" and "Neglected by Two Countries". She enjoys sharing her exciting stories, fun presentations and interactive writing workshops at schools, libraries, churches, festivals, and conferences (in state and out of state). 

Sherri E. Goodall

Goodall Digital Marketing was created by Principal Go-Getter, Sherri Goodall. Their team brings creative and exceptional online marketing strategy for start-up businesses to large sized companies seeking guidance and understanding of how to optimize the tools of internet marketing. Check out theri Super Powers [Services] to see how they can help you get your time back and stop wasting your money by taking shots in the dark. Goodall Digital Marketing group thrives on leading clients into understanding what they are paying for and getting results. 

Social Media Marking Crash Course

6­-Week Crash Course Webinar on Using Social Media for Start-Up Business

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Here’s A Snippet Of What You’ll Learn

Week 1: Basics of Branding Online

Week 2: What You Need to Know about Websites

Week 3: Getting to Know Facebook

Claudia I. Macias

Claudia I. Macias is an education consultant, early childhood professional development leader, author, and radio show host. Claudia, a native Houstonian, holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Houston and M.S. in Education from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. Her life journey includes teaching, founding and leading an elementary school with KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program), mentoring teachers, and leading workshops for educators and parents.


With knowledge gained from The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and with support from published colleagues, Claudia published her first children’s book, I Love You Even When You Cry.

Rhonda H. Radford  

Health Artist & Designer Native Houstonian, visual artist ,fashion designer and  author, Rhonda Radford Adams is well acquainted with expressing her creativity and artistry through a variety of mediums.  Her visual art techniques combine the use of bold chakra colors and ancient ayurvedic symbols. Her work creates harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.  Rhonda uses ancient art forms such as mandalas and fractal geometry as archetypes that provide a spiritual connection between the viewer and her work.  Her original works of art have been published in collections nationally and internationally.  Having visited more than 14 countries around the world, much of Rhonda’s creativity and artwork is inspired by her travels. She believes that each destination brings a powerful opportunity to create healthy experiences that are culturally transcendent.

Shelley Roth

Shelley Roth is an entrepreneur and social media trainer, speaker, consultant and author, helping individuals, organizations and teams improve marketing effectiveness and sales results via social media.

“Shelley is exceptionally well versed in the use and application of social media for business. Shelley is personable, engaging and easy to talk to. You will realize more than you expected or even knew was possible.” - Henderson H. Massage Specialist, Business Owner