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Storytelling is one of the marketing world’s new darlings. It’s a marketing strategy that has made its way into everywhere from boardrooms to mom and pop stores. Storytelling is even being hailed as the single most powerful business skill for the next decade. How good are your presentation skills? Sign-up for your storytelling skills assessment at no cost to you.

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3 Storytelling Essentials

The best speakers often use stories as a powerful tool for demonstrating and bringing to life a key message. It's one of the best ways to be memorable. And a really juicy story will keep your audience on the edge of their seats... quite literally.  Here's how to incorporate storytelling in public speaking.

So what's the secret to telling great stories to use in public speaking?

Storytelling secret 1: Evoke in the minds of your audience.

Stories don't work when the audience can't visualize what a speaker is talking about. We get lost if things are too dry or abstract.

Storytelling secret 2. Speak from within the experience.

When you’re telling your story, try not to speak from OUTSIDE the experience using memorized words. Speak from within the experience, using personal perspective to help the audience feel, see, and hear what YOU feel about your topic.

Storytelling secret 3: Start with the end in mind.

Great storytelling has a purpose.

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